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Her ass cheeks are so big it's hard to pull her ass cheeks apart

  • 2019-03-08

  • 11:49 mins

In the beginning of this video Chrissy is laying on her side with her knees pulled close to her chest. Her big butt is covered in oil facing the camera lens. She has a thong on and knee high socks. In the fetal position, 90% of girls, if they were wearing a thong, you'd be able to see the thong. This isn't the case with Chrissy. Her ass cheeks are humongous. Chrissy big brown chocolate cheeks swallow the thong whole. She caresses her big ghetto booty occasionally parting her ass cheeks so we can see her asshole. The remainder of the video she is in the doggie style position dancing to the music. Chrissy's ass is on another level. You have to see it too believe it.

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