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The face of an angel, the ass of a sinner

  • 2018-11-16

  • 09:31 mins

If you can't take the ass, get out of the kitchen. Valerie aka "Sad Girl" is dancing her ass off too the music while in the kitchen. She has a killer combination of rhythm and ass. I would last maybe a minute with this beauty grinding on my cock! Sad Girl is more of a dancer than a twerker, but she can do both. Her big natural D-cup tits bounce and swing like crazy as she shows off her dance skills for the camera. Valerie begins the video topless, with black fishnet stocking on, then she's completely nude from the waist down, sporting a mens dress shirt for the 2nd half of the video. In the 2nd half of the video you see lots of her lickable asshole and pouty pussy. Enjoy!

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