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Mindy's elastic asshole swallows massive dildo

  • 2018-08-24

  • 12:39 mins

Mindy loves to play with her asshole which makes her one of my favorite girls of all time. The big butt PAWG has the most amazing butthole, it makes you want to bury your tongue as far as it can go in there. In this video she's in the doggie style position for the entire video. Those monster-sized ass cheeks are on full display. Mindy's is using one of her huge dildos. This dildo had to be at least 8 inches in length and 8 inches in diameter. This wasn't the one to use if this was the first time your were going to try anal. Mindy's elastic asshole swallowed the girthy dildo like a champ. She used the thick rubber cock on her butthole and pussy. There are lots of extreme close-ups of her asshole in this video and she does lots of butthole fingering too.

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Mindy's PAWG ass is incredible!

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Mindy's PAWG ass is incredible!

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Mindy's PAWG ass is incredible!

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