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Worship Mindy's big butt cheeks as she slowly rides big cock

  • 2018-07-20

  • 12:27 mins

Mindy has a great big ass and she loves to show it off for the camera. In this video she's wearing a skin tight yellow wife-beater, dental floss sized black thong, and blue leg warmers that expose just the tips of her soft pink feet. For the first part of the video she's in the standing position teasing us with her humungous butt-cheeks. Mindy reaches around with both hands to spread those large ass cheeks. Due too the size of her ass, spreading her butt cheeks isn't as easy as one would think. The second half of the video Mindy gets on the floor and rides a suction-cup dildo. She keeps her black thong on but moves it to the side to expose her beautiful butthole and pussy. The big butt PAWG slowly rides every inch of the large dildo as her ass muscles expand and contract with the movement. There's lots of asshole close-ups in this butt video.

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Mindy's PAWG ass is incredible!

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Mindy's PAWG ass is incredible!

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Mindy's PAWG ass is incredible!

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