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This Portuguese beauty has a ton of ass cheek meat

  • 2018-04-20

  • 19:16 mins

You're in for a big ass treat with this video. Alessandra's has just wrapped up filming all of her big butt videos. Her large sweaty portuguese butt cheeks are soaked with baby oil and need a quick rinse before she departs. She stands with her ass facing the camera as she soaps up those massive butt cheeks. Water ricochets off her firm oversized ass cheeks striking the camera lens repeatedly. She slow dances while soaping up her lady parts. There's a ton of ass meat in this video. Alessandra briefly masturbated with a cordless vibrator until she hard a powerful female orgasm. I think my favorite part of this ass video came at the end when Alessandra talked about some of her sexual experiences. In a million years I never could have imagined this doll faced beauty with the big backside was such a freak!

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