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Tiffany is a 1st ballot ASHOF if there was one

  • 2018-03-16

  • 12:21 mins

Can't get out to your local strip club and see some butts shaking and popping? Don't worry, I got you covered. Introducing Tiffany aka Baby Phat. This mocha goddess has one of, if not the biggest ass on BigAssTease. What really makes her special is her ability to control each ass cheek independently of the other. It's really amazing to watch her large ass cheeks in motion. You can easily fall into a trance watching these enormous black butt cheeks do their thing. In this video Tiffany is wearing a light blue two piece bikini and her gigantic chocolate ass is covered in baby oil as she shakes those black buns to the music. For the first part of the video she's in the standing position. The camera is placed underneath her ass. Wow! This is an incredible view. The second half of the video she takes her ass shaking to the ground. Her ground game is just as strong as her stand-up game. It's safe to say Tiffany is in the ASHOF, or The Ass Shaking Hall of Fame.

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