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Erin is one of those white girls you wouldn't expect to have such a big butt. For starters she's an emo grunge girl with a fair amount of tattoos and piercings. She wears lots of lose fitting baggy clothing that make it nearly impossible to predict what her body looks like underneath. Never judge a book by it's cover definitely applies in this instance. Erin, the emo PAWG has a big bubble butt with one of the prettiest buttholes I've ever seen. Erin's asshole is slightly bigger than you'd expect with lots of wrinkles and creases, it just begs for a tongue to be buried inside it. Another tantalizing aspect of Erin's ass is her big fat pussy and large pussy lips. I met this girl in Columbia, SC not your typical hot-bed for girls interested in being in porn videos. Erin is or was, best friends with Heather Gables. Erin and Heather can be seen dominating cocks together on HandDomination.

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Mindy's PAWG ass is incredible!

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