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Witness the thunder buns of Chrissy Reed

  • 2019-03-22

  • 10:45 mins

You're about to witness one of the biggest butts I have ever had the pleasure to film. Chrissy has thunder cheeks. Ass cheeks so big you'll need four hands too grab one cheek. If she sat on your face you'd be in danger of suffocating. Chrissy has major league ass! Her big booty has a few wrinkles in it. It's hard to say if I would classify Chrissy as a BBW since the only part of her body that's ridiculously big is her ass. I'll let you decide, BBW or not? Chrissy gets her big ass covered in oil and dances to the music. Her big butt cheeks just will put you in a trance and coax cum from your cock.

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