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Alessandra has an abundance of ass cheeks and soft wrinkled soles

  • 2018-04-27

  • 12:10 mins

Oversized ass cheeks and feet, that's what you'll see in this video. Alessandra is a beautiful girl with an abundance of ass and soft features. The dark haired college coed is wearing a green and white wife-beater and thats all. She rides a large black suction-cup dildo that has been mounted to the floor. Her ass cheeks are so big and heavy they hit the soles of her pink feet as she slides down on the dildo. I don't know if she bleaches her asshole or she's just extremely clean, but you can hardly see it because it's the same color as her butt cheeks. I doubt seriously she bleaches her butthole though. Alessandra is an amateur, not a porn star. I can't see her going through trouble of bleaching her browneye. Anyways, between those massive butt cheeks and wrinkled soles you're sure to blow a massive load to this beauty.

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