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Sometimes big butts present hidden problems

  • 2018-04-13

  • 10:08 mins

Don't attempt to adjust your monitor, there's nothing wrong with it. Alessandra enormous Portuguese ass cheeks completely fill the screen. In this ass video the Portugese-Spanish mix is in the standing position with her big butt facing the camera. She's wearing a skin-tight blue wife-beater and colorful knee high socks while she shakes her ass to the music. Her large ass-cheeks have been drenched in baby oil to accentuate her beautiful skin tone. There is one downfall too her big butt though. Alessandra ass cheeks are so large even though she's nude from the waist down twerking and bouncing her butt, her big meaty butt cheeks keep her butthole from being seen in this video. On the bright side, there's more than enough ass in this video to keep you cumming for days.

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