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Lexi's large pussy lips hang as Mystic eats asshole

  • 2018-02-18

  • 19:11 mins

The act of a girl plunging her tongue into the asshole of another girl is enough to send any ass-lover over the edge. This ass video has an unusual twist. Lexi (blonde) and Mystic are best friends since the 6th grade. They've never done more than kiss, until now. Mystic buries her tongue deep inside Lexi brown star-fish. Lexi's butthole is on the receiving end throughout this ass eating video. Mystic lays on her back while Lexi mounts her face and uses it like a special "butthole cleaning chair". The emo butt licker instinctively spread Lexi's ass open so we could admire her 20 year old butthole. Her butthole is rather big for a girl her size with lots of deep wrinkles creases. She admittedly enjoys anal sex in her personal life, that may account for her slightly large asshole. There's are lots of asshole close-ups in this video. Big, small, who cares, her butthole looks extremely fuck-able. What makes this ass worship video even better is Lexi's large hanging vaginal lips. Her pussy lips a big and look absolutely breathtaking sandwiched between those firm mounds of ass-meat.

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