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Witness the enormous ebony ass cheeks of Tiffany Carter

  • 2018-02-23

  • 10:37 mins

Baby Phat aka Tiffany Carter is an ass shaking superstar. There's very few girls I would even consider a worthy challenger when comes to ass shaking. Her unique ability to control each of her large ebony ass-cheeks independently of one another combined with the size of her ass, and dancing ability make her difficult, if not, impossible to defeat her in an ass shaking battle. In this ass video Tiffany is wearing a white wife-beater, lime green thong panties, blue leg warmers, and six inch stripper-style high heels. Tiffany knows that her best asset is her enormous ebony ass. Best of all she doesn't mind showing it off to the world. She begins this video in the standing position Later she goes to the ground and gets into multiple positions, all of them showcase her gigantic butt-cheeks. Her large mocha buns are covered in baby oil as she shakes her ass to the music. As you will soon see, her ass shaking skills are in a class of their own. Could you imagine her doing all of this with your stiff cock buried inside her? You wouldn't last long! Sit back, get a napkin and blow as many loads as you can to this ebony goddess with the the over-sized ass.

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