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Sometimes having an enormous ass can make putting pants on difficult

  • 2018-06-22

  • 14:19 mins

Have you ever seen a girl with a really big butt struggling to pull her jeans over her large ass cheeks? Well in the first part of this video that's what Mindy is doing. She's wearing a green skin tight wife-beater with ultra form-fitting black leggings. The big booty PAWG pulls her leggings up and down repeatedly over her oversized ass cheeks. It's no easy task. Her butt is just too big and it looks so good confined in those restrictive stretch pants. During the second half of the video Mindy is bent over the couch with her butt poking out facing the camera fingering her beautiful butthole. She doesn't limit herself to using just one finger either. The freaky white girl with the huge bubble butt shoves multiple fingers in her pink asshole. There's lots of extreme butthole and pussy close-ups in this ass video.

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